Company Information and History

WestCon Medical Industries was founded in 1984 as a Specialty Distribution Company. It was apparent that many manufacturers and their technologies do not have a reasonable method of introducing their products and servicing large customer bases once that product had been adopted. WestCon Medical represents one of the best available avenues for new tech to be introduced to potential customers. We provide all required components to replace a dedicated sales force employed by manufacturers at a fraction of what would be their costs for payroll, HR, etc. Our dedicated sales professionals have medical device sales backgrounds and are skilled at making sale presentations, inservicing, education and implementation. Our customers know that we represent devices that address their clinical problems with clinical and economic value-based solutions. Within our marketplace it is known that a product represented by WestCon Medical, is a product which deserves consideration.

WestCon Medial focuses on products for Acute/Critical Care and Surgery. Anesthesia, ICU/CCU/NICU, IR/Cath Labs, and Phamacy, to name a few.

The only component which we do not provide is marketing, which we rely on the manufacturer to provide.

WestCon Medical is a stocking distributor and keeps above average inventory levels in our (San Francisco Bay Area) Concord, CA. warehouse. Our service standards are very high. For routine stock orders we offer same day turnaround on orders placed before 2:00 pm. This offers next day service to a large percent of our customer, with all others 2nd day. All of these services provided without any special handling or extra charges.

WestCon Medical has a great rapport with our customers and is a value proposition for our manufacturers.

Here is a brief list of our past pioneering contributions that have become the Gold Standard of Patient Care:

  • Ambulatory Infusion Therapy: Cormed and Pancreatec, first ambulatory chemo devices, PCA pumps, TPN pumps, antibiotic pumps. The advent of ambulatory infusion pumps allowed patients to be treated at home, without costly and inconvenient hospital admissions for multiday treatments.
  • Patient Controlled Analgesia: CR Bard, became the national leader in intravenous delivery of patient analgesics with both continuous and patient bolus capabilities. Eliminating shots, and increasing patient comfort while decreasing patient recovery and discharge times.
  • Forced Air Patient Warming: ¬†Augustine Medical Bair Hugger. The market leader with the introduction of intraoperative patient warming decreased mortality, morbidity, blood loss and recovery time.
  • End Tidal CO2 monitoring for non-intubated patients: Oridion Capnography. ¬†The current market leader in first, best defense, against patient respiratory complications and arrest due to anesthesia/analgesia anomalies or patient preexisting conditions.

These are just a few of the many products which WestCon Medial has successfully launched into our marketplace over the years.