The TubeClear System clears sluggish and clogged feeding tubes while the tube remains in the patient and operates at bedside. The goal is to make feeding tube clogging a NEVER EVENT so that optimum delivery rates of medication, nutrition and hydration are achieved, leading to improved patient outcomes. By keeping tubes patent, healthcare practitioners have greater time to care for their patients than deal with tube issues. The TubeClear System consists of a reusable Control Box paired with a single use Clearing Stem. The Control Box and Clearing Stems are FDA Cleared for clearing occlusions/clogs in Feeding and Decompression Tubes in adults patients that have a Tube size 6 to 18 Fr, 8 to 55 inches long or have an AMT G-Jet®, Avanos MIC*, or MIC-KEY* gastrojejunostomy (GJ) Tube size 14 to 22 Fr. It is the only active mechanical device to help keep Feeding Tubes patent.